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Human Teleportation - An MJ Corporation Project

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Welcome to, an MJ Teleportation Corporation Project!

On this home page we'll introduce our subject and highlight important areas on our site.

"Human Teleportation"' An original Solution to the Holy Grail of Transportation by 'MJ (Manoj Jayakrishnan)

First of all, what is teleportation? Teleportation is the process of moving objects from one place to another more or less instantaneously, without passing through the intervening space. The Word 'Teleportation' comes from the Greek Prefix TELE which means Distant and Portation.

As a working definition, Human Teleportation can be defined as the disembodied transport of humans or inanimate objects across space by advanced (futuristic) technological means, keeping in mind that it is not feasible in the present day technology.

Gearing Up, A Human is provided with so high Ionization energy that a human is Dematerialized. One of the ways to provide high energy would be by Matter-Anti Matter Reaction. To decrease the probability of Electron Barrier Limit, in other words to reduce the chances of Electrons being trapped in the nucleus due to high potential energy changes, we provide the Entire Teleporting Device with a Magnetic Field in a Particular vector that the electrons which are being disintegrated from the human are going away from the Nucleus.

Since the Entire Mass of the human mainly depend on the Nucleus, each nucleus from each atom of the body is disintegrated and teleported in a Positive Charge Particle Accelerator, with individual Codings in them. Each nucleus is coded with Dimensions to make sure that the particles of the human are reintegrated to their exact initial coordinates. These ignited and highly dynamic sub atomic particles of the human is accelerated to 90% of the speed of light, i.e. 270,000,000 m/s. After the particles being accelerated to the destination point, known as "Teledock" the Decelerating terminal Slows down the pace of Each Nuclei in order to decode the particles effectively. The decelerated particles are now decoded so as to the Nuclei reintegrate back to their original position. The Human Would be complete as soon as enough electrons are bombarded back, so as to gain stability. This entire process is done in less than 0.001 seconds that even if you Disintegrate a Human and Reintegrate him back to the same human, the chance of Loss of Life is not there.

Keeping in mind about the Downsides, that is the very high Energy required and the Cost to set up, the hypothesis is fundamentally plausible. And of course, it would take 1020 of the world's best commercially available hard drives to store the encoded information of just one Human Being.

One may ask how even a Super Quantum Computer may be so accurate in locating ALL the Sub Atomic Particles as it violates the Heisenberg's Principle, but this problem has already been resolved by the Einstein Podolsky Rosen Theory.

One Ultimate Question can be that "How can the Soul be Teleported?", but let me ask you first, should a Man of Physics be bothered again to bring back the war between Science and Religion.

Research Head, MJ Teleportation Corporation Project, Manoj Jayakrishnan

MJ Research Head

The article and the image is free for you to copy under Open source GNU/GPL. - Manoj "MJ" Jayakrishnan (Author)

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Human Teleportation - Manoj Jayakrishnan